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Board of Directors

Lasana McNealey CEO
Monee' McNealey Program Director
Michael O'Neal Marketing Director
Letitcia Thompson Community Outreach Director
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Non Profit Agency 501 (3) c

California Barbering & Cosmetology Apprenticeship Learning Center, Inc., Joe and Shirley McNealey, Founders.


Our mission is to target for the apprenticeship program young people, foster youth, divorced and single-mothers and father in the community so that become self reliant, strong contributors to the community. After acquiring and applying their skills in barbering and cosmetology they are no longer dependent on “the system,” as the program assists individuals in transitioning from Welfare to Work. Our apprenticeship program began in 1998 and it grew from four to approximately 300 students in a two year period. In 2000, we were introduced to the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA) and was listed on the Work Force Investment Act statewide list.


Funding is provided from various sources i.e., LEA Occupational Center, Faith-Based Initiative organizations, SETA, and Welfare to Work.

This two-year program can be completed in 21 months (for those who choose to). Students attend related instruction class once a week for 6 hours and work and 32 to 42 ½ hours a week in a Salon or Barbershop of their choice for their On The Job Training.

Starting the program, we assist the students in obtaining, their license (usually 30 to 48 days) and within 6 months (usually less) they have secured jobs.

Our classroom sizes range from 25 to 35 students using two teachers. Some students that have completed the cosmetology program return as instructors, with the desire to help teach the youth and give back to society.

Training takes place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and some night sessions


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Barbering and cosmetology provide important entrepreneur and employment opportunities for people. Ages starting from 16 years of age to adults. It enables young people to acquire skills that will accelerate their maturity. It’s an awesome opportunity to develop independence in finding a means of employment for them. Many people are unaware that barbering and cosmetology are lucrative businesses.

Because their interest is to strong, if young people knew that an apprenticeship program was available it would be an asset to them and help to change their financial situation. This program would enable them to be trained, licensed and paid at the same time.


Our organization is based in Sacramento and it extends throughout the State of California.

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